Salmae is a “Online” store that’s been in busines since 2003, My name is Kenya Warren I am the owner and Founder. Salmae specialize in natural hair and body products, including shampoos and conditioners, salt & sugar body scrubs, as well body butters and an array organic soaps. (without chemicals or artificial agents). In addition Salmae carry various aromatherpy aides, such as all natural soy handpoured candles, burning and body oils and incense. Salmae also carry “Health & Well being products” such as herbal supplements and liquds along with natural healing aids for external and internal use. Our product line also include beautiful & unique African art, African handmade instruments & handcarved drums, fabric, jewelry and special gifts, which you can find on our my website.  Salmae carries over 2000 items in our catalog, which can be order for FREE through our contact us page. Salmae can also be found under “Salmae’s Wardrobe Closet” on Instagram and  on Facebook.